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succulents and a vintage metal chair

June 14, 2017



My Great Grandpa was an avid gardener with an impressive green thumb. Sadly, I managed to inherit not even a smidge of his plant magic genes. Too be honest… every plant I have ever owned has died until purchasing my first Succulents at one of our local greenhouses. These little green lovelies are now my go to plant. They are just so hearty and come in such a wide variety! The one thing that makes me a little sad is that they don’t love snow. Living in the heart of Wisconsin, we get a bit of the fluffy stuff. Positive spin, that means all winter long the house windows are covered with plants.



I found this beauty in Great Grandpa’s corner in the Pole Building. He was a firm believer that anything could be of value to someone and to always use what you have before heading to the store. (Those genes did make it down the line.)



The chicken wire folded into a basket surprisingly well. I used little zip-ties to attach it to the chair though wire could have been used. Then I lined the basket with a Coco Liner from JoAnn’s, added some super coarse perlite from my generous neighbor, and arranged these gorgeous Succulents! I found these beauties at a local green house Sun Rise, just outside of Stanley, WI. Sadly, they are not on the web but if you are ever in the area check them out! You will not be disappointed.



I filled in the gaps and edging with moss that was growing in the yard.



For now Grandpa’s chair is sitting by our front door, drinking up the morning sunshine and abundant June rain. This winter I’ll bring it in and keep it by our south facing patio window, watering as needed.



For more inspiration check out my Pinterest board [Succulents].


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