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Hello! I’m Tirzah and I’m excited to share my ideas with you!


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You have arrived at the hub of tiny little dreams 4 u! Here you will find all my latest projects, ranging from what I’m decorating my house with, diy tutorials, gifts and items I’m selling (at shows, Etsy, and local shops).

Every item posted has been made with either an area of my home, a dear friend, an occasion or a specific need in mind. With attention to detail, a willingness to constantly improve and the desire for ideas and dreams to become reality, I am dedicated to bringing you the best of what I have made.


A little bit about me…

I was raised on a dairy farm where there is always something to do. I have distinct memories of my mom braiding baler twine into a halters for our calves, making plastic canvas Christmas ornaments with great-grandma, gardening with great-grandpa, working on snowmobiles with dad, taking care of the cows with grandpa, grandma teaching me how to sew doll clothes, and getting into loads of trouble with my four younger siblings.

My ginger husband and I met when we were little kids at summer camp. After countless summers as fishing buddies, a few spent working together on staff and I knew he was who I wanted to grow old with. We live in the heart of Wisconsin where the grass is always green unless it is covered in snow. During the warmer months we enjoy motorcycle rides, cultivating our property, playing with kittens, and lounging in the hammock. During the winter we shovel snow, play board games, host parties, and stay cozy by the fire.


Where did tiny little dreams 4 u come from?

Tiny little dreams 4 u was a result of a summer that was filled with weddings. In total we were invited to 15 weddings! June, July and August held all but three of said weddings and three of those weddings were on the same day!

While attempting to fit presents into the budget, (because Husband and I desire to be great guests and we truly love our friends!) making a few gifts became our reality. Not every gift was handmade, about half were purchased from registries but the time invested in designing and creating gifts for our dear friends was so energizing! It reminded me of afternoons spent with my Great Grandparents getting ready for Christmas.

Since that summer tiny little dreams 4 u has grown into a regular part of my life, an outlet for the thoughts that are spinning around in my head. I am excited to share with you the dreams and ideas that have transformed reality!