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July 19, 2017


mini candles and matches


You know those cute little jars of jam? Once the jam is enjoyed that cute little jar is perfect for a mini candle! There may have been a few mini jars in my kitchen junk drawer just waiting for this week. A bit of flat black spray paint for the lids, soy wax chips, wicks, fragrance oil, color dye, custom labels… and mini candles were born.



And what is the perfect side kick to candles? Matches! Not sure of the original purpose for these little jars but they are perfect and I was able to attach a striker under the lid. A few of these are going in our camping tote for sure!



Exciting news, the mini candles are currently available in my booth at Countryside Treasures, a darling little vendor mall near Granton, WI. Matches are there also. 🙂



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