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August 2, 2017




I made a batch of these with the kiddos I’ve been watching (3, 5, 7, & 9). They has a blast picking out their favorite colors and watching the crayons melt into the mold. A perfect rainy day diy! Why not bring some freshness to your old broken crayons! I mean, could crayons get any cuter than this? Warning… they look tasty but definitely not something you want to munch on!




I purchased this silicone mold from Amazon with dreams and aspirations to make Husband some healthy homemade gummy bears. It happened… once, and it will happen again! Someday… Positive spin, the molds came in a set of two so one for edible things and one for non edible projects!




First step is to sort your broken crayons by color. Next you will need to chop your crayons, as the mold has such tiny cavities. The chunks above are actually a bit bigger than I would suggest. The finer the better in this case! Fill each cavity with as much crayon shards as possible, making sure to use around half of what you chopped. You will need to add more tiny pieces during the melting process.




There are a few ways to melt the crayons. One is in the oven, which I have tried in the past but works better with larger molds. For this project I used an embossing gun. Say what?!?! Scrap booking tool??? Yes! I have an older embossing gun that my mom used while making cards back in the 1990’s. Let me tell ya, that thing can still bring the heat! It melted the crayon pieces in no time. Remember to add additional crayon pieces during the melting process, as all the gaps start to fill. (Side note: Embossing guns also works really well for applying nail wraps that require heat!)




Allow to cool or pop the tray in the freezer for a few minutes and hello cute little bears! If you had any air bubbles simply reheat and cool again. And if you plan on handing these out… please remind kiddos that eating these is not a great idea!



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