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packaging hot chocolate & cider for christmas

December 19, 2019



Husband and I have a group of teens that we hang out with regularly. This year we planned a white elephant gift exchange rather than secret Santa for our Christmas party. It takes the pressure off drawing someone’s name that you don’t know very well. It’s also a great way to clean out the junk drawer… (Not really, but close).

The day before our party, husband asked if we were getting the teens anything from just us… Whoops! Nothing like a last minute project. ha!

For this quick project you will need:
– Grey Card stock (or color of choice)
– Printer
– Paper Cutter
– Ruler
– Hot Chocolate packets & Apple Cider Packets
– Stapler
– Mini Christmas bows (or Christmas finery of choice)



Print out [ this ] pdf (that you are welcome to use for personal projects) on your card stock.



Cut each page in half, length wise. That will give you an 11 inch by 4.25 inch paper.



At the bottom of each paper, fold 1 inch under. I used a ruler that sits on my desk that is 1 inch wide for my crease but anything sturdy will work. You will want your fold to be at least 1 inch and not much more or the cover of your package will not stay tucked in.

Now gather your hot chocolate or apple cider or in my case both.



Flip your paper print side down, and place your hot beverage packet(s) under the 1 inch flap. Since I used both, I placed the smaller packet on top of the larger one, personal preference.

With a regular stapler, staple in the general middle area. No worries if it’s not perfectly centered as you are going to cover the staple with a little bow.



Now you can tuck the cover under the flap. Taking just your fingers, lightly flatten the bottom. I’ve found that when I try to fold the bottom before stapling in the packets, I would fold it too short or too long, due to my stapling inconstancy.

To finish, adhere a little bow over the staple and you have a cute little Christmas package!

How did the Christmas party go? It was really fun! We watched the Grinch (Classic cartoon version), had an overwhelming amount of Pizza & candy, played four on a couch and exchanged gifts. Husband now has a giant box of chocolate covered cherries and I have an entire gift bag full of hotel toiletries.


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