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Seating Sign

August 23, 2017


seating sign


Ah, summer in Wisconsin aka Wedding Season! With just a few months of warm weather, summers in Wisconsin are usually packed with weddings. At a family camp-out last weekend husband and I realized that there are seven wedding anniversaries in our family just in the month of August. Best part… all of them are within a nine day period. No wonder August always seems full of celebrations.


seating sign


I made this sign for a friend who was married in August of this year. Husband and I only had four weddings this summer (Only four! A new record) so this was a wonderfully stress free project! It was a beautiful barn wedding, followed by a delicious home cooked meal and one of the best dances! Line dancing, in a barn, with people who knew what their are doing and were willing to teach us some of their skills… super fun! They also had your standard wedding dance songs but the line dancing was my favorite.


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