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Succulents in a Tea Cup

July 5, 2017


Succulents in a Tea Cup


I have an addiction… these little plants that are just so cute! For me, succulents are like shoes. You never really “need” that super cute pair but ya buy them anyway. Plants are a bit more justifiable as they can multiple. My cute shoes definitely do not multiply. 🙁


The beauties above are from an Etsy shop, Succulent Cuttings 4 u. I went with a variety listing and received some really unique plants. I’m really digging the green vine with tear drop shaped petals. Not a type usually found in the heart of Wisconsin.


The tea cup was a find from one of my favorite thrift stores… Savers. They are one of the cleanest, most organized, well staffed thrift stores I have ever been to. And they are all over North America. Trust me… you want to hit up your nearest Savers!



tiny little dreams 4 u